Family Owned since 2022

Fitz on 4th believes in community, family, and supporting local businesses.

Alison Fitzpatrick

Introducing Alison Fitzpatrick, a visionary restaurateur in her mid 50’s whose remarkable journey encompasses two diverse yet equally impactful careers. With an impressive 20-year tenure as an executive in the senior healthcare industry, Alison seamlessly transitioned her passion for nurturing people’s well-being into a culinary venture that spans over 35 years.

Alison’s culinary odyssey began as a young enthusiast, honing her skills in kitchens around the northeast.  Her love for gastronomy, coupled with a deep-rooted commitment to environmental sustainability, led her to specialize in developing innovative vegan menus and recipes. Alison’s culinary creations not only tantalize the taste buds but also reflect her dedication to fostering a positive impact on the planet.

In 2022, Alison, alongside her equally passionate son, Alex and business partner, embarked on a culinary adventure that transcends the boundaries of a traditional restaurant. Their establishment not only serves delectable vegan dishes and cocktails, but also acts as a platform for education and awareness about sustainable living. Alison’s commitment to reducing the ecological footprint is evident in every aspect of the restaurant, from locally sourced ingredients to eco-friendly packaging, and composting.

Beyond her role as a restaurateur, Alison is driven by a desire to leave a lasting legacy for her family. She envisions a future where her son continues the tradition of conscious culinary innovation, ensuring the sustainability of their business for generations to come. Alison’s dedication extends beyond the confines of her restaurant, as she actively engages with the community, organizing workshops on plant-based cooking, and collaborating with local initiatives for positive change.

Alison Fitzpatrick stands as a beacon of inspiration in both the culinary and business realms. Her unwavering commitment to health, sustainability, and community engagement reflects not only her entrepreneurial spirit but also her profound desire to make the world a better place. As Alison continues to create a legacy through her culinary ventures, she leaves an indelible mark on the hearts and palates of those fortunate enough to experience her innovative and environmentally conscious creations

Alex Soto

Alex Soto, a seasoned professional with over 10 years of expertise in the restaurant, sales, and recruiting industries, brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the heart of Fitz on 4th. With a deep-rooted love for mixology, Alex is dedicated to introducing innovative and invigorating cocktails to the vibrant city he calls home. His dream of establishing a family-owned enterprise has materialized into Fitz on 4th, where he is committed to delivering unparalleled experiences for both patrons and staff.

As the driving force behind Fitz on 4th, Alex serves as the esteemed general manager, residing in the local community of Queen Village, Philadelphia alongside his wife, Lauren and their daughter Lily

His adeptness in cultivating relationships and unwavering enthusiasm for the dynamic culinary landscape ensures that Fitz on 4th will continue to thrive and evolve, providing a haven for those seeking exceptional vegan dining experiences.

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